Garnier: Red

For any hair type.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Zurich, Switzerland
Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Wildberger
Creative Director: Grischa Rubinick
Art Director: Tom Müller
Copywriter: David Luebke
Agency Producer: Derya Derdiyok
Photographer / Production: Billy & Hells


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YOU HAVE got to be kidding me!?!?!?!?!

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Do you see the woman in the foreground?

Looking for feedback on comp ads I do in my spare time.

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yeah, nice work!! the idea as well

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i dont understand. someone explain?

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i liked it.

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Next year's lion. Mark my words.

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visually engaging BUT what kind of message is that for a shampoo? it's like saying "bread, for every kind of cheese". Not very illuminating.

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yeah, kind of right. but if everyone else would promote his bread for a certain kind of cheese, it would work.

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my mind bursts
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Brilliant. And some of them are more brilliant than others. Wait for the copy cats and spoofs. There's one of them - the first I saw, thst took me a very long time to figure out ... the impossibly and lovely shampoo job on the too long moustache or the lack of ... lunchbox.

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so nice hair

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Lisbon freak
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Funny and eye catching. Great.

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