Garmin GPS: Zigzag

GPS 765T comes with Lane Assist. This advanced feature makes sure you always know which way to go even in the most unfamiliar territory.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Shanghai, China
Executive Creative Director / Typographer: Kevin Lee
Creative Directors: Kit Ong
Copywriters: Kit Ong
Account Supervisor: Shining Gao
Art Directors: Kelvin Leong
Illustrators: Minsheng Zhang


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gooood one.

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Soooo first idea. I can't believe this won in Cannes. A joke in my eyes.

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"first idea".????...dude ...what are you talking about, how can this be a first idea....have you not seen the typeof ads done for this line of products....its very fresh.....


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Nidal Almohtadi
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very fresh idea

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Why three? This the worst for bends.

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Idea doesn't merit 3 executions. Good single Idea.

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Geez, some of you creatives are far too critical. You know the saying: "jealousy makes you nasty".
I think it's a great idea and explains the benefit of GPS very well. Congrats to the creative team. You deserve your win.
And to that nasty comment from the guest, maybe if you showed more appreciation, you'd be winning awards too.

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Amazing, really nice guys, congrats.

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good layout. frigin good.

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