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That retouching is awful.

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i bet my wife wouldn't be so happy about these flowers...

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a bad "trying too hard" campaign.

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if they said "Only the freshest flowers", this campaign would have made more sense.

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guys look behind the idea, its very nice...

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damn nice idea but... spoil by retouching work!

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makes my skin crawl.

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For creative it is ok, but lack of understanding of the brand or product can be desastrous. If this campaign is to submit for awards, it is easily given away as a pro-bono campaign because the judges can simply tell that the ad is lack of understanding of the product.

Product: flower
target audience: people who buy for their love ones
tone and manner: light hearted, lovely, beautiful, warm.

certain insects are not appealing to some people, to some people all insects. So obviously a florist shop owner won't allow such an not appealing idea to run unless it is a pro-bono. Although creatively you can band the rules but to be "tasteful" is another matter should be regarded.

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buy by bye
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i dunno..
ladybug idea is good but execution is kinda wrong i think.

if somehow the ladybugs make the dress or the girl or the flowers looekd prettier (kinda like a dress design etc) it might make more sense and more appealing.

but like this it looks weird..

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