When he was nineteen, he traveled to England in order to study law; he wanted to be a lawyer. He returned to India almost with no luggage, and with the unusual dream of free his people through peace.

Advertising Agency: Seis Grados, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: Damián Palopoli
Copywriter: Paola López Cross
Other additional credits: Alejandro Rabe

November 2007


Raul_0451's picture
56 pencils

está muy bueno aunque pienso que la gráfica pudo entenderse mejor

Mr.Top's picture
728 pencils

SO forced! Muy forzado!

arthritic.servicing.director's picture
134 pencils

Wrong strat again and we keep on coming back. Fumigate.

charlyann's picture
9 pencils

Good, goood, very good.

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

if you're gonna do something like this, you have to do it VERY VERY well...

here, as in the other two, you almost just put the colors you wanted, where you wanted, man!!
you should've respected the borderlines, even create borderlines where you needed them, and THEN paint the whole thing. THAT would've been some art direction and some really hard work.

that's why the 3 of them are so forced, they're not well done.
besides the concept is not a strong one. it's the kind of thing you read and you ask "so?..."

xhp's picture
543 pencils

I prefer the two other ones ... less forced ... but also good !!!

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