Gallagher: Disco

We Survived the Dust Bowl, The Great Depression and Disco. Your Livestock Isn’t Going Anywhere.

The client came to us wanting a print and POP campaign to commemorate their 75th anniversary. We created a tone of voice and visual language that reminded consumers of the brand’s history and reliability while infusing it with a bit of personality.

Advertising Agency: McKee Wallwork and Company, Albuquerque, USA
Creative Director: Daniel Andreani
Art Director: Dave Ortega
Copywriter: William Conner

December, 2012


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Clever, but difficult to understand what point is being put across here.

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Gallagher is a fencing company. They are saying their fences are so sturdy/safe/whatever that your livestock is safe.

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the typography stands out.

groovy baby!

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Is a concept too much to ask?

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Been here three days and...suddenly, bam.

Eat a bag, Pedro. This is getting silly.

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You seem to enjoy making an ass out yourself by accusing other people of being me. I have no problem calling you out for ripping off other people's work. I wouldn't bother creating a new account just to do it.

But while we're on the subject, you did email the writer who used to work there and accuse him of being me, didn't you? You know, the one who called One Show and asked them to take his name of the fake ads you guys did for Hurricane Katrina.

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I say the ads all have a concept and I do like them.

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I see you're ripping off other people's work again. Stay classy, my friend.

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Ouch. More than the accidental, random, "Opps I did something that's been done" kinda ripoff and more of the ripoff's ripoff.

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We've been around 74 years. Hey, wonder what they saw in 75 years? Let's imagine. OR - hey let's rip off somebody and post it in a forum where nothing could possibly go wrong. Which do you really think somebody would do? It happens, and it sucks. but there is nothing to hide.

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GIve me a break. Never heard of the brand and have never seen the board. Similar solve to very similar problem (anniversary campaign for old brand). IT happens and it sucks when it does, but I am not cruising highways in a state I have never been to looking for headlines. Where did the other lines come from? I am honestly curious what you can come up with. Impress me. <--- how on earth do you think I would have been there and why? Occam's Razor, dude. The grudge match continues, I suppose.

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Sorry, I'm not buying it. I don't think anyone else is either. Especially considering this isn't the first time you've been caught ripping off other people's work.

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