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June 2008

Print advertisment created by Lowe, Greece for Galaxy, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Yanna Polydouri
Copywriter: Rena Hrysoulaki
Group Account Director: Triantafilli Kaldiri
Account Manager: Michael Paredrakos

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Activity Score 12

me like it!

Ad judge - UK's picture
Ad judge - UK

Greeks are hip! the concepts rules

benny B's picture
benny B

Great idea! The concept rules. Greeks are hip!

jsptrck404's picture
Activity Score 437

bit of a tenuous connection to music, no? plastic surgery, celebrity, etc tied to dogma, then in turn tied to music. it's a bit much to ask a casual viewer who may or may not even be interested in your message in the first place.

these ads seem like they'd speak to their already existing audience well. and if that's the point, then fine. if they want to attract new viewers, or are trying to increase revenue by attracting advertisers, then sorry, it's weak.

and hip? i didn't know people still use the word 'hip' to describe something they like. apparently only in greece.

| think small |

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Activity Score 1685

Yes, this is a bit far from music. It's as if the team wanted to make their own political statement and just packaged it as a music ad.

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Do you know what the word dogma means? It's something you can't "stop", anyway. Bad idea and bad manners judging from the self comments.

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Guest commenter

hip hahaha I just got back from Greece and it was anything BUT hip. So's the word "hip". And the ad sucks so hard it'd force a golfball through a garden hose

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Activity Score 133

is that you charlotte?

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Activity Score 12

me like it!