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Ad judge - UK

Greeks are hip!! The concept rules!

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please stop saying hip. it's 2008.

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Guest commenter

good photo and art, bad idea

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good execution, photos anda art, bad idea.

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Guest commenter

don't get the idea of the all campaign, if someone cud explain plz? and 10x

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Forever hip

hip, hip, hip, hip, hip and ammmmm yeah...HIP!!!

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Do you know what the word dogma means? It's something you can't "stop", anyway. Bad idea and bad manners judging from the self comments.

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This one it's my favorite
nice pic!

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Somebody provide them with a dictionary and a basic marketing manual. Talent shops are really hard to find...

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History repeats itself. Only second time as a joke.
Years ago an ad was published in Greece which generated a whole movement for getting back the Parthenon marbles.
The ad had the headline "Elginism" (http://www.advertolog.com/tbwa-athens-fds/print-outdoor/elginism-woman...).
Coincidentally the account guy of Elginism ad is know the Managing director at Lowe Athens...
Nice try Jimbo! You made me laugh...

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