G2: Kevin

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles, USA

Global Director of Media Arts: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz

Group Creative Director: Jimmy Smith
Associate Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins
Art Director: Brent Anderson
Copywriter: Steve Howard
Group Account Director: Brynn Bardacke
Management Supervisor: Jiah Choi
Account Executive: Adam Bersin
Art Buyer: Dogan Datillo
Photographer: Thierry Des Fontaines
Photo Producer: Emilie Muller
Print Producer: MJ Chow/Kerri Krebs

March 2009


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short shorts
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I like these print ads even more than the TV spots from the same campaign, but the timing is pretty bizarre. While these ads are attempting to create an emotional connection, they are coming off the heels of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZsXI8eE0kQ



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Agreed. I like the TV, but I like the print more!

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This is great. The writing is good and the pictures work really well. Wish I had shot it ;)

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Really nice stuff. Your typical inspirational Gatorade copy done in a new-ish way. I like it.

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This is better!

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Nice - great shots, great copy, I'm moved to tears ;)

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A neat contrast between people in the upper rungs and the lower ones, but aspiring for the same thing. Love it.

shame we don't get many nice copy ads like these nowadays. For that, this campaign is awesome.

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Do not like the TV at all.

i do like the print. It's different. It has a nice insight. It isn't just like all the other sports water ads. It is intelligent and worth reading. Yeah, good.

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print is better.

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Opps, just to clarify my comment about not liking the TV at all, i meant the horrible Pyhton rip-off quest for G garbage that was linked, not the TV for this campaign.

Given that, the print is still much better. A real winner IMO. But the TV for this campaign is not bad, just a bit so-so and not as good as the print. The Quest stuff is bad. And not in a good way.

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Good campaign. clap!!clap!!

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Simple. Nice.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Um, FEWER calories, not less. You're fired, Steve.

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agreed, this works better as a print ad

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This ad is somewhat confusing. What each Kevin says they haven't done, seems to imply that the other Kevin has. Swimmer Kevin says "I've never been called 'The Big Ticket.'" Kevin Garnett obviously has. Kevin Garnett says that he has never been handed a pink slip. So I would assume Swimmer Kevin has, but he says says that "He has never been so poor that he had to fill the holes in his shoes with cardboard." So does that mean Kevin Garnett has had to do that?

Even more confusing is the wording differences from the tv ad and the print. In the tv ad Kevin Garnett says "I've never had to tell my wife we can't pay the mortgage." But in the print ad he says "I've never been afraid to tell my wife we might not make the mortgage." Which to me sounds like he has had to tell his wife they wont make the mortgage but he wasn't afraid to do it. It just doesn't seem well though out, I don't really understand what they were going for.

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