G2 (Global Gujrati): Trips

Its a world where foreign trips are not courtesy carefully accumulated frequent flyer.

Advertising Agency: Saints and Warriors Communications, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Parab Mahendra
Art Director: Parab Mahendra
Copywriter: Amitabh Chatarjee
Illustrator: Parab Mahendra
Group Head: Ashish Shrivastava


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Jakarta Jack

Why do Indian copy ads always look like shit? Does no one ever learn anything about typography?

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Jaap Grolleman
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It's probably bad translation or just the way they form sentaces there

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Jakarta Jack

I'm talking about the looks. The copy writing itself is even worse. I don't want to get into that. Endless discussion.

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had to read it thrice before i got anywhere close to it. and why is a gothic looking font, the most a copy ad can aspire to? but if you think about it, the art matches copy.

would you do the same if it was your brand and your money?

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I thought my eyes had a difference and m understanding is poor :D

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dont like it

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"It's a world where foreign trips dont come from frequent flyer miles" would have hurt that bad?

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