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super calibara
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old.. already done. i remember it was a cann winner. something about light beams making a screw-driver and an hammer .. n all.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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thony troll
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Trolly effectif

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............i havn't seen it like this.

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So these flashlights grab things for me? Didn't think so. Next!

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Very good job.

Someone said it's done (like always), i've never seen it, but if it is, kudos to both (or everyone who did it before and now), because the idea is very clever.

The discussion about grabbing or pointing (in all the executions someone is saying something about that) for me is totally secondary. The idea is there, and that's what matters. But as always, people talk about just what they say is wrong (like the clients do) and forget to see the good side of things.

Devil's advocates (they're also known as jealous guys, know-it-all, genius, or simply stupid people) will never see a good idea in 99% of the ads here, my friends of uruguay; so, keep up, bravo and clap clap clap.

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