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If he's saying "sweetly" blow me, he's probably talking to the guy behind him.

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ha, yeah these seem to be lost in translation

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Also a thai cre...

it should be "Sweetie" a british slang. A copywriter should just look up the dictionary.
I'm very disappointed.

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And the problem with using stock photos is that...the art direction sucks.....eventhough the ad is a little bit funny...

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The idea is great! "Get your eyes to shut up" In my view...
it's a big idea one. They are many situations that sunglasses
can safe life. It should be better if they can shoot by the photographer. Sometimes, stock photo is blocked the execution.

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Just another Guest

I agree. good insight, nice idea. but execution could hv been more interesting...this is first cut.

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This ad is tasteless. I can not believe it came from an agency. Stop making ads.

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good thought but very badly done, and for Gods sake get an English copywriter! Dont use some Thai copywriter who overheard some fat white british guy talkingto his ho in a ping pong bangkok bar.
Lowe is a huge netwrok, why not send your idea to Lowe in London or the States and get them to help you with the copy?

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I think this idea is so big but the execution is not well. anyways I can think any idea from this ads. Thanks.

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It looked like the guy was talking to the guy behind him.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Seems the idea started right but got completely lost in the way... the concept and the line are not bad at all, but the art direction... wait, art direction?? what art direction??...

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they should have stayed away from the bubbles!

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