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ummm.. right... ok then !!

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Is the idea that they will match what you have in your office like paint at a hardware store? I'm not much of a fan of these.

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pretty sure the idea is that you can customize your tabletop to be anything you want...including a wintery forresty scene.

this could have been so much better...the images they used are much better suited as wallpaper, not a table. maybe if they had a board meeting table made to give the appearance that everybody sitting down was pantless or playing a game of soccer or so it looked like everybody was drawing pictures with their feet or something under the table....i dunno...this ad blows.

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so, another agency found another excuse to do some ads, great!

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no kidding..

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5 ads in the series, that must have been tough :)

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Lazy, stupid, terrible. Sack yourselves.

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Hey, we make mousepads with pictures on them... pictures!!! You can also have your picture on a mug if you want to.

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