February 2009

When you use a mobile while you drive, your head is somewhere else.

Advertising Agency: La Cocina Publicidad, Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Directors: Gina Strusi
Art Directors: Gina Strusi
Copywriter: Florencio Ros
Photographer: Gustavo Dao

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nah that line sux//back to adskool brutha

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terrible copy,

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rule nr 1: don't say what you show, and don't show what you say.

rule nr 2: if the idea is visual, keep the copy simple and straight.

you fucked up

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Is that a rule etched in stone? I am sure that there are many ads that do that, which people enjoy. A couple years back there was an ad for Snickers which read "It's what you would want" and the three ads illustrated Halloween night with the Trick o' Treaters wearing a mask of the person that is answering the door. I thought that quiet a few people enjoyed that ad.

Is that not going against your law?

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shut up you guest!
this is a very nice ad and its an informative so it has to be this way..

| Everartz |

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Everatz, you must be connected to these bullshit ads in some way. There is no other reason for you to leave comments on three of the four and be so damn defensive. Face it – they ain't all that.

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Hey guys, I think the ads are great though I think there is something lacking the art direction....... they get your attention & force you read the copy, quite the objective for the ads!!!

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How about a line like - Gone with the call.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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nah that line sux//back to adskool brutha