Fundación Par (People with disabilities foundation): Thermometer

Children with disabilities feel like going to school like any other kid.
We are all equal. We need inclusive schools.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson Argentina
Chief Creative Director: Sebastián Castañeda
Art Director: Fernando Serra
Copywriter: Nicolás Centroni
Account Manager: Victoria Ortelli
Producer: Gabriel Castro
Photographer: Buenavista Fotografía
Illustrator: Hernán Sanchez


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Lost in translation...
I see the idea, but it's not coming through.

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Harry Potter in bed?

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sixth sense?

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The kid is disable and he doesn't like school as any regular kid, so he is putting the thermometer close to the lamp, to convince his mother that he is sick, so conclusion... the kid is normal even if he is disable.
line should be disability doesn't make kids retarded, that is why the "we are equal".
Good concept.

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I saw this campaign in Spanish for the first time and I think that a more direct translation would be something like this: "Children with disabilities hate going to school like any other kid." Now, you got to understand the insight. Kids in Argentina play that trick to skip school.

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I agree with the comment before this. Normal and disable kids have feel like going to school the same way, so, they don´t want to go the school. That is the insight.

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