Fun Factory Erotic Toys: War

You will be afraid someone might hear you.

Advertising Agency: Firstell Communications, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Murphy Chou
Art Directors: Murphy Chou
Copywriters: Murphy Chou, Donghai Liu
Photographer: Scott Newett
Retoucher: Aaron Foster
Published: May 2008


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This is a clever idea. I think the copy can get even more colloquial. Throw a contraction in there. "You'll be afraid someone might hear you."

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I'd shorten it to "someone might hear you"

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Why? Why did they explain it? For me it works perfect without any line.

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how about varying the executions: maybe a stereo turned up, or a speaker set facing the door..those are just off the top, there's lots of potential here

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the volume should be one below maximum, so it's not mistaken for muted. also, the blurry vibrator thing is old. like my uncle ralph, was funny, now old.

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Erotic Toys = Get High = Loud Moaning = Turning up the TV volume = So? Is this how advertising should be done today? Maybe you should pump the "base" alittle.

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