Fun Factory Erotic Toys: Concert

You will be afraid someone might hear you.

Advertising Agency: Firstell Communications, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Murphy Chou
Art Directors: Murphy Chou
Copywriters: Murphy Chou, Donghai Liu
Photographer: Scott Newett
Retoucher: Aaron Foster

May 2008


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"Making noise to cover up sexual play" is a fun creative concept, personally I don't think these executions do much with it.

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Cool concept, but it fell short on the execution. Could've gotten more out of it.

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Not so new as a concept as well.

Remember a silver Lion at Cannes, a few years ago (it was a tv commercial for thinner condoms made by Mannix) : a woman was visiting an appartment, with a sales agent. Suddenly she was yelling just as if she had reached orgasm. And a neighbour reacted by hitting the wall. So the woman stopped yelling and said "No" to the sales agent. It was signed something like : "Expect more pleasure".

So, no, really, "more noise" is the most obvious thing when you sell a sex toy. And those executions are really poor. By the way, why doing three times the same idea (concert / bikes / war movie) ? I'm really fed up of that tricky way to create a campaign out of one single idea. It's just a lack of creativity.

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"So, no, really, "more noise" is the most obvious thing when you sell a sex toy."

... really? I thought "pleasure" is the most obvious thing.

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Audrius Kubrik
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WWWorker, surely they are not making it for the Ads of the World site... if the client will run a campaign for a long time it's nice for a consumer to see something just a bit different after a while. but i get your point, there's truth in your words.

maybe it's the place where we should celebrate uber-originality and nothing else, but maybe sometimes we could just appreciate the impact advertising makes on the consumer (you, me, everybody) without supposing we all follow Cannes Lions et al.

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tagline isn't necessary.

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good i like it

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Good concept, too bad that it's 3 times the same visual.

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Very nice!

the copy is too literal... think it is not necessary, or maybe other way.


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jajajaja! Everybody has done this at least once. Great insight

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good concept. u don´t need to explain it, it is not necessary.

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