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typography in this one is the most outstanding

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This is the best of the bunch. gorgeous.

concept-wise: meh.

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Joseph Campbell
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Beautiful stuff. Smart, insightful thinking. And it's refreshing to see an art director do something interesting with type and still take the time to kern it old-school. Of course, with Tracy as your CD, you better do nice with the type.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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yeah, I dunno. the writing style is pretty amateurish. I love WD & all, but i'm dissappointed. whatever, who cares what I think...

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The better of all…I like a lot the copy work, I’m not a gambler anyway but connect.

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This is by far, the best one. Plus, Gustav is a master player, and a dane :)


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