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i really had no idea that poker players were so passionate about the game. the copy makes it seem like the most important thing in the world. is that a good thing? i don't know.

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Joseph Campbell
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"A meritocracy made of ink and paper."

Fucking fantastic writing.

We'll reconvene at 10.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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what are you on? Please share with the rest of us.

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Copy is amazing in these ads. Text that doesn't speak down to the viewer, which assumes that we are halfway intelligent, and really sets a mood which pulls you into the excitement and intrigue.
Like J Campbell Esq. said, fucking fantastic.

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They left one line out: Where homes are lost and families split, and life savings evaporate like the whiskey on the gambler's lips.

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don't forget the suicides.

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i recommend the art director to flip the photo and move the logo to the right bottom for consistency. maybe a little bit of shading on the hand would be a lot nicer. cheers!

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Guest commenter

guys all you people dissing poker who don't know anything about it

The underlying fundamental is self control. It test your patience, greed, desire and hope.

The people who can't become addicts.

Its not the game its the people

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