Fudge: Never too late, 4

It's never too late to change hair history. With the new look range from Fudge there's a whole arsenal of clay, spray, gel, glue, foam and shine products to keep you looking good well into the future. Just be sure you destroy any old embarrassing photos. Available from selected salons & retail outlets. Fudge.com

Advertising Agency: Freeform
Creative Director: Richard Overall
Art Director: Matt Ireland
Agency Executive Producer: Jonathan Duncan


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This is meant to be an 'improvement'???

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lol,my instant thought exactly!

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In this case you're absolutely right! His new look is aweful!

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the line is fine thou.

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fala fulani
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I suspect the ads would have been stronger if we just had the picture frame with the old picture in a trash can. That way you don't have to explain it in the copy.

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Not creative. Not funny.

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