Frutacid: Fast food

Paper puts up with anything you place in it, your stomach not.

Advertising Agency: Crea DraftFCB, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Carlos Jiménez
Art Directors: Carlos Arias, Roberto Corrales
Copywriter: Agustín Espósito
Illustrator: Andrés Webb
Photographer: Alex Zúñiga
Additional credits: Borja Prado. Calox Costa Rica, Jorge Barboza

September, 2013


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so you put all the food on paper. what's that got to do with my stomach? you tell me its bad for me but you don't make me feel its bad for me. The fact that "paper puts up with anything" is irrelevant and doesn't really say anything.
sorry, doesn't work for me at all.

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the ad is print in newspaper.

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I hope this is just a bad translation...

Dreamer. Realist. Critic.

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