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why 3 times...

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Nica art.


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Tommy G.
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Totally my style - Fantastic type, great design.
The lady in leather could be just a bit bigger in the photo
Concerning the concept, it's not excellent...too much on 1st level

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Jaap Grolleman
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It's not appealing to me. I'm not interested in whatever Front Row is. You got many artists here that appreciate the artwork, and you know, it's fine and all, but normal readers arn't interested in this I think. It's boring and if I'd see this, no doubt, I'll swiftly turn the page if it's in a magazine, or walk passed it if it's a poster.

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Love it. Simple and straightforward. Great combination between copy and Art.

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the logic is clear... art is nice... overall good

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do if i buy clothe from there, wherever i go i will steal the show... interesting promise

hey FF... Randa B is calling

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Hilarously stupid! I love it!

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I believe that "Steel the show" is mainly addressed to the competitor stores as well as individuals.
Great campaign. Thumbs up!

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Stupid but funny

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way to go lebanon!!!

| Everartz |

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clean and art i love it

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