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Great. Really great. Of course if you weren't around in England in the 80's you wouldn't get half of this. Targets those folk.

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This is lovely stuff and well worth the read. I used to work on this kind of stuff as an artist using typesetting, scalpels, rulers, rotering pen (.25 & .15), acetate overlays and tracing paper mark ups. Lots of work, then Macs came along and we kept on with this style for a while because it was so easy with Quark. Ah, those were the days.

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Amazing copy.
Though I am not from England.
This took me back in time.
Good work.

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Er Yokel, I was born in South Africa in 84 and still comprehend 98% of the references. Great long copy.

Yokel's picture
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South Africa is part of England anyway innit? (okay, okay *slap slap*)
Good, didn't realize that so many of those references were so international.

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malaysian tomboy
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Wanabes, ignite!

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this is awesome. "you had to fight for your right to party"

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Lovely written.

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Quite like the copy... though in my opinion, it's a paragraph or five long. I kind of got to a point where I was thinking up half of the 80's moments before I got to them. Probably could have broken this up in to three ads and still had enough copy in each to call them long copy. After all, it's not selling a complicated product, or something that needs a lot of explanation or sell.

To summarize, the pay off (a chocolate bar) isn't big enough for the time spent reading.

Then again, maybe I'm being cynical as the whole reminiscing over the good old days thing is way over done, where I'm from.

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normally, i would agree with you -- copy is too long. but you have to remember -- the ad is a tribute to the 80s, and thus was created as a testament to the days of long-copy ads. hence the first line, "ads looked like this."

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sounds fantastic when i read it in my head.

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like it ..

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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Thanks avijitpro, that neil french page saved my day.

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Wow... a child during the 80's... so many memories mate. nicely done!

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You deserve a French kiss from the Frenchie... Absolutely delightful copy! The magnitude of references ensured that there were more than enough for me to relate to.

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Amazing copy

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Balaji Sarma
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The best copy I have ever gone through. Amazing!!!!

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try to remember the kind of childhood

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top copy well worth the read, even if it stood alone without the ad. But works just as well in relation to wispa. Simple use of words which will reach enough ppl for it to work

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