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Rog's picture
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Is that meant to be a frog?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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yea, powerful enough to stop frog breath. nice, i like the dog one better though

ivan's picture

Yeah, never heard of frog breath. Do they smell nasty? I have turtles, they don't smell anything.

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I know I've never heard of fish breath either.

ivan's picture

Well, fish generally smell bad, I'm sure they mouth smell bad as well. Until you cook them that is. :)'s picture
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the fish smell, only when he is not fresh anymore, not generaly

Moe Al_mahayni's picture
Moe Al_mahayni
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I was wondering the same, do frogs have bad breath?'s picture
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the idea does not work as well in this one.
my favorit is the fish, and then the funny dog

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This is just a different execution for a very old idea.
Dont like it. In Cannes 04 won somthing similar for some mint stripes.
Here the links:

Theyre doing like movies.
Grab an old one and make a new one with more money and cooler effects.
Thumbs Down!

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I'm beginning to like those!

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This ad is strange. I feel that they are saying, you'll have this gum and you'll smell like a frog. I understand that it's to stop the bad breath, but it just LOOKS like it would say you'll get frog breath...

great photos though.

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i never smell a frog´s breath

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Corona Raymaker
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Now seriously: What are these good for?

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Old Idea.
But this one with a much better art direction

Totto's picture
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it may propogate a negative psychological notion in the subconscious mind,
like some ppl may be offended by seeing ugly creature or bad breath linked with the chewing gum brand.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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mmm...mmm. frog´s breath?
I dont think so.
Bad Idea.
The Problem/solution ads are in the past now.