Fritz-kola: Cards

caffeine, highly concentrated.

fritz-kola is a coke containing the highest amount of caffeine permitted by German law. In order to emphasize this USP we have created a comical caffeine molecule which has to master various situations in which an extremely high degree of concentration is required.

Advertising Agency: Red Rabbit, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Andreas Geyer
Art Directors: Daniel Thaung, Meike Grosch
Published: March 2010


philippertl's picture
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I think the illustration style is also too basic.

atb2005's picture
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Minimalist and witty. Love it!

Alusta's picture
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I'm sure there are some better situations that would require a high level of concentration than these.

The idea is there, but again, just a bit lacking in the executions.

capywriter's picture
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I'm not really fond of the molecule representation... but how else to illustrate caffeine...? I do like the thinking

emd2k3's picture
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There's a difference between concentrating and concentrated.

I still get it, but I can't help but think of that difference when evaluating this work.

velle's picture
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did the writer come up with the line first, or did the art director come up with the visual first. for some reason, this is cute as hell. simple, effective, just the way i like it. kudos

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