Fritz + Fraenzi: Self-Portrait

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Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Alexander Jaggy, Livio Dainese, Fernando Perez, Samuel Christ
Art Director: Adrian Merz
Copywriter: Alain Eicher
Published: April 2013


jackoatmon's picture
27 pencils

Really great campaign overall! THis one's a lot weaker though because the other two are kinda shocking and the people are doing dumbass stuff, whereas here it's just two girls doing whatever random thing.

auliviet's picture
179 pencils

Clever ad !

Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
2695 pencils

To show two almost naked teenage girls to show that it was shown somewhere else isn't big enough excuse. You are still showing two almost naked teenage girls. From ethical point I say no. There's many other as effective ways to communicate the message.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

Well your reply shows the visual has impact.

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