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Not with it... at all. I don't get it, is that cos I am a moron or is it just cack?

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Ndukwe Onuoha
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maybe the person's too busy in his new nissan that he's forgotten to take care of home.

Big ideas are often small

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you guys don't get it - it's what's called a 'chutya' campaign in India.

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A 'chutya' campaign sounds interesting, what does it mean?

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It's saying that this is a car for blokey blokes. That's it.

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blokey blokes? the fridge looks brand new to me.

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I guess because they order so much take away it hardly gets used.

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is that a tube of hemmoroid cream in the fridge? because if it is, this is telling me that the owner of trucks like this love driving so much they will deal with hemmoroids and probably not spend much time at home at all. they just like to drive around in their shiny new trucks. they'll stop at home to apply some cream.
do i like the ad? not really. but i'm not the target, if i made the ad and knew the target i'd probably give it an 8/10.

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ming the merciless
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Single guys have no food in their fridges. Yeah, not good.

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Too personal + to many doubts = failed

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I smell something that hasn't gone anywhere but the Portfolio CD of the art director.


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Who says there's no food in the fridge? I can see a half tube of chili paste and a potato in there. A real bloke would make a decent feed out of that.