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Could only be india. lame!

He who dominates often has no real friends...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Now, spit the Frazer Pan Flavoured Gum out wherever you feel like.How can this becomes the, keping the city clean!?

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Who the hell spits while chewing a gum? These ads are illogical.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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keep your city clean.Chew a pan flavoured gum,avoid paan.And when you ve got to spit,as habit would prompt you,hold your fingers as though youre gonna spit and blow a bubble. phew!!

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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is that how you spit ? between fingers ? or just in india?


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Pan Flavoured Gum!!!........a nice local idea. good job guys keep it up!( both the agency and the manufacturing company)

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Hold it, u guys. it works extremely well for India. Being Indian, i can easily identify with these ads. there r a very stereotypical set of people who chew paan in India and spit it out (much in the fashion shown). the paan splatters all over, leaving big, ugly red stains. compared to that gross scene, a chewing gum spit onto the road (even if it sticks 2 my shoes) is a much better sight. trust me on that one!!


Not all who wander are lost.

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Agree with Misstree.it works !

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