Fragile Municipality of Siena: We can help you, Bag

We can help you.
Small problems may turn into big for senior citizens. Fragile is Siena Municipality’s helpline which takes care of your needs.

Advertising Agency: Milc, Siena, Italy
Creative Director: Giampiero Cito
Art Director: Matteo Scheggi
Copywriters: Giampiero Cito, Matteo Spadoni
Illustrator: Benedetto Cristofani
Photographer: Bruno Bruchi
Strategic planner: Antonio Paolo
Published: May 2010


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This one is ok, the one with the pill isn't. I prefer the one with the pigeon.

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Matt Tonkin
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"Small problems may turn into big for senior citizens." Bad grammar, should be big problems for senior citizens. or just may turn big, with no into.

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Is the old lady trying to get rid of a dead body?

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I thought it's a diaper!

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i think this one works well

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What is idea ???????????????

Live with Passion

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Good one Dzsoi :) From the look of the old lady, one gets a feeling it is not garbage that she is trying to get rid of.

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I think its kinda cool, the plastic bag is too heavy for the lady to carry nice~!

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