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me thinks
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It's unbelievable such an ad really exists. Copy is really bad.

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How can W/brasil do this to us???? That agency is historic really good type A1 shit. Lots and lots of lions but this is there worst work by far. Washington Olivetto is a genius how can he aprove this shit.
I am really sad about this crap

Washington, grab the type writer and show the kids how to do an ad.

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Washington is on holiday like that!

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Italian Job
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Washington was enjoying something "on the rocks" that day...

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agree to people above me. :)

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haha...i second that!

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It doesn't make any logical visual statement! I mean put a word in the empty space here, if you can:
( This place is ......., like how a dinosaur was! ) You know what I mean? The relation between your iconography and your product is just the existence regardless if it is possible or not. And I have some bad news to tell here, All products exist.
I think the people who may find this ad a cool ad or whatever, may just ask: So what is the reason which makes this hotel impossible to exist? or on other words: what are the benefits that this hotel gives which couldn't be found in any other hotel. Will you be there to answer them?
My advice: don't forget to give a reason in your advertising!

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Does it come with the Dinosaur?


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Call me the thirt

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The copywriter is a dinosaur?

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people who complain about copy, cannot write "there" when they really mean "their".

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

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ok for all the previous comments, but i like the photo.

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I like the ad.
good and smart idea.
Comments are really poor.

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the idea is ok. not stellar but the execution isn't quite there yet. it's like drinking a flat soda

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the photoshop job is a little off in the shadow department....the tail shadow suggests high-noon but the body shadow is saying something completely different..

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Italian Job
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How could you judge a photoshop job on a jpeg with this quality?????????

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well...like i said...the shadows are going in two different directions. that wouldnt be possible in an un-photoshop world...unless this wonderland has two suns??

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I kinda like these. I would have done a little less obvious things like the flying saucer and the elf. I liked this one though, to me it said beautiful/lush landscapes from a untainted time. The writing is so so. But I dont want to side with a person who comments like Brenda so I'm impartial to these.

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Cool brand positioning line. Wrong metaphor for the brand.
Paradise = dinosaur? It's not rocket science, kiddies.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Tell me this campaign is a joke. please.

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sometimes good photography can't save the bad idea.

beach hotel for dinosaurs?

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To be honest, after reading the copy it leaves you wondering whether the place (hotel) exists or not...
So does it exist?

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and that kind of joke was used before, when Nessie sell some jerkie car. Old jokes, poor insight.

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