Fox Movies: Matrix Reloaded

Challenge: Nobody likes to be interrupted movies, so Fox Movies created a time-slot to air movies without commercials. We were asked to increase awareness of these "break-free movies".

Creative Solution: We reached our target audience through magazines covering celebrity gossip, beauty & fashion secrets, cinema listings and movie reviews. We ran double-page spreads of movie scenes from the "break-free" time slot. By tearing out the fake promotional ads that split the movie scene in two, we demonstrated the advantage of watching a movie without commercials.

Results: The campaign was viewed by 2.4 million readers and got over 1 million visitors searching for the "break-free" movie listings on the website. During the campaign, the Fox Movies Facebook page reached 300,000 fans.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, UAE
Regional Executive Creative Director: Peter Bidenko
Creative Director: Mohamed Oudaha
Copywriter: Jaison Ben
Traffic Manager: Gabriel Norhonha
Art Director: Mohammad Aram
Graphic Designer: Ammar Safi
Junior Communication Executive: Nadia Bedaywi
Communication Manager: Lara El Barkouki
Regional Communication Director: Nicolas Roux


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well done and bravo for the printing house!

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Cool!!! very good idea!

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Great idea.

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In reality, there should be 15 pages torn in between this ad (dutch commercial breaks), but it gets the point across.

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i like a lot

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