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18 pencils

Big mistake in the mirror :)

Faysal Nasir
Art Director

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What is it?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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1268 pencils

The mirror doesn't reflect her right arm correctly; in the mirror it's bent upwards – not downwards. Despite the crappy visual, I just don't get this ad. Why is the six foot five cucumber hiding in the shower? Isn't she allowed to eat vegetables, does her husband insist on a diet consisting of nothing but meat?

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Left arm

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Noticed the same...


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Donald Draper
137 pencils

Not just the arm, everything, she should be looking to the other side too...

alistair's picture
161 pencils

the arm... ;)

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Duncan Macleod
17 pencils

whatthefudge - the eggplant, cucumber and banana could have been replaced by giant dildos but that would have been too risque.

The Inspiration Room

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Vegetables as sex toys... Again...

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How can the mirror reflection show the tiles? Shouldn't it reflect the shower curtain? Hmmm.. confusing..

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I totally agree with Ameya very good eye mate. If you think of the angle at which the mirror shows the reverse of the woman we should then be seeing bits of the curtain. Basically bad art direction.

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I think I get it now. the vegetable represents the new found confidence of the ring wearer. Lady, beware - you're about to get ravaged.

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also her head looks normal in the mirror but in the fact it is a lill bit front so it is another mistake

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i guess the visual could be better

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Why is the vegetable hiding. What is going on in this ad?

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Pervert, just as the device they´re trying to sell. I think is fun.

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Roshan Quintus
669 pencils

Get her back. that's it. i don't know why people feel so difficult to get this. i think we sometimes like to be just sarcastic and 'smart'. this is art for god (advertising) sake. don't argue this in a real life context.

bite me

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This is better than the eggplant one, Does have its ups and downs, but all in all quite funny.

Cognito Ergo Sum

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I think the giant dildo-like vegetables here are intended to be the man's "rivals". This is why they hide when he comes back home, because she is cheating on him, and they're her "lovers". Hence the headline "get her back": the sexual efficiency ring is the device he needs to become her favourite again :D
Love it, by the way, hope we could make something as daring as this back here in Italy (clearly we can't).

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Clief Kole
126 pencils

Heheee. I think we should be judging the idea before the art direction detail? I think theas a cool story idea here. Big is better!

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I don't get it. This many comments and total confusion. Sorry, I want to like this ad.

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This is the only series which is closer to the message although it comes in same treatment.
I agree to a subliminal approach that tickle the audience.

Except those props that leads to the thought and extremely enlarge in order to link devastate the drama, May be it will be best if treated in different way not for making it big.

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it is quite confusing about she is looking at the door or the cucumber? it should be put the women at another site.

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