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Hmm. Given that it's almost impossible to win these games, I'm not sure this was the right approach. :)


No, I am not a media buyer.

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you are over thinking it.

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i love it!!! ahhhhh

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Guest isn't impossible to beat them. Maybe they should have put a triple shot or somethin to make emphasis on the quality of the product

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Smart! Simple and strong!

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Good idea, simple. I just hope that the younger audience still knows what this is a play on :)

Annya A. Uslontseva
Graphic Designer

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amit parekh
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nice..i like that

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i like that

infected by a virus called creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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good IDEA!

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cannes grand prix!

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shit idea!!! pls guy raise the bar!

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Been done, many times before...can't be arsed to point out where but google it.

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not that original... maybe if some spice was added. perhaps if the bottle was surrounded by enormously outnumbering ships. and then sent a "shockwave" or something to show that it destroys all germs very quickly... sorry for the childish picture. :)

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perhaps if the bottle was surrounded by a huge number of ships, and then sent out an explosion or shockwave. then it would illustrate more clearly what the message is

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i am from the nineties what is this game you are all talking about the "space invadours" can you play it on a PS3 is it 3d high def?

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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LOL! Can't believe that all this time nobody picked on your "Invadours." Haha, that headline would have saved this ad! And maybe even spawned a follow up. "Pong" for instance, has potential!

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nice and creative

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First (and bad) idea for sure.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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good one

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lo peor que me paso hoy

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There's no need for the copy line.

I like it.

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You stole it, and it's very uggly!

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you stole it, and it's the worst art direction that I see.

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Es una vil copia, con una muy mala dirección de arte.

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La hicieron primero en Colombia, estoy seguro.

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This game actually has a story that an Aircraft/Spaceship is in d space & those creatures are aliens not germs...but still i think it works would had more impact if a game was created in which killing d germs would be more easy.

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