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agian, i don't see it as a unique design, just take a plastic fork and break off one of the leg, that it is. What about this hotel? so it is full with broken stuff...? i don't get it.

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jenny, jenny...
u must be travelling in 5-star luxury.
this is totally ace for the budget traveller.

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yeah, i agreed now. :P, i not even able to travel yet...hahaha. need to get graduate first.
it suppose to be a joke to backpacker i think, but i would like the design to be...hum, something like using a broken stuff to create some interesting visual, instead of putting just the visual in this way.
Let's see, that is 2 very obviously opposite comment, and yeah i do agree because i'm not the target audience, but perhaps they can make even we, who never went to backpacking before understand the fun of being a backpacker.

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it clearly says it's a budget hotel! unique design is funny way of saying please put up with us by having a sense of humour. what is so difficult to understand these ads?

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all of these are awesome, yes totally good-humored

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me thinks
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Fantastic stuff.

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