Ford: Tricycle

Ford Expedition with rearview camera.

Advertising Agency: JWT Mexico
Creative Directors: Manuel Techera
Art Directors: Manuel Techera
Copywriters: Ignacio Zuccarino
Photographer: Yann Le Pape
Production house: Breathe
Producer: Lourdes Milano
Account Director: Ademir Márquez
Agency producers: Gilberto Amezquita, Mayra Brito
Client responsible: Juan Antonio Garcia

March 2008


krautland's picture
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looking up makes it look as if the expedition was a small car - which it is not.
that doesn't make the point you are making any less valid but it's a problem.

that you're not showing the vehicle at all, not even a detail, makes me wonder
how you got it past the client. ford isn't exactly avante-garde.

lordvitrio's picture
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le hubiera cortado el fondo a la rueda delantera del triciclo por lo menos.

Enas's picture
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is it a new small shape ?

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
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The rearview camera makes low/small things bigger. I like these. But the cat is the weakest. I'm sure it would get the hell out of the way.

robottttrockkkk's picture
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como dice lord vitrio, ese photoshop tiene algo raro jaja.
me gusta mas el de la tortuga.

[ ]

ivan's picture

The rear view camera makes small objects hard to miss. Like this campaign a lot. Photo is great.

FlyingDogs's picture
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Lovely work. Nice campaign.

Goafest '08 in pictures:

miko1aj's picture
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yep. When i saw thumbnails i thought it's going to be matchbox or some stuff like this ad. I was surprised by this in a good way. Good campaign.

smithwas71's picture
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I think this would have been helped if there were other normal sized objects in the garage. First, it feels waay to clean for any garage ive ever seen, and second it would have helped to establish this is not a minature world.

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jungle boy
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puppiepoppy's picture
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Hey, how come the perspective is odd??? It's obvious a bad art direction.

Diego Filippini's picture
Diego Filippini
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qué raro, Ford dejando hacer un aviso sin auto...? cómo le hicieron? igual, no es tan bueno. Muy usado el recurso de hacer las cosas grandes o chicas.

Lorenzo Mancuzo's picture
Lorenzo Mancuzo
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Sí, lo que pasa es que esto es un TRUUUUUCHOOOOOO!

Jonhy19's picture
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The perspective is odd because there is a terrible mistake in the photo. Look inside the large wheel, how the grass and the bushes dont continue to the left. Someone mess up and they didnt even realize.
The idea its ok, nothing new, but this kind of mistakes are childish

Poncharello's picture
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Me gusta, no me desvela, pero es mejor q muchas de las cosas que se postean en esta página. Hay algo raro con el recorte del fondo en la rueda delantera. Flojo el director de arte.

oshe's picture
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Todo el aviso, desde la foto, la perspectiva, y el fondo de atrás de la llanta de la adelante tienen errores.

Deja así y mandémoslo ya (4.00 a.m.)


matas2099's picture
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Bronze en FIAP. Le hubieran dicho sus comentarios al jurado.

Jonhy19's picture
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¿Bronze in FIAP?
WTF!!!! That´s terrible

espi72's picture
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una emascaradita a la ruedita oleeeeeeeeee!!!!

Guest's picture

Trucho o no trucho esto es una idea poderosa ejecutada a la perfección. No trabajo en JWT pero debemos reconocer lo que se hace bien en México, ardernos para lograr algo mejor.

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