Ford Territory: Fire hydrant

You'll see it with a reverse camera.

Advertising Agency: JWT Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Jeremy Wynne
Art Director: Phil van Bruchem
Copywriter: Nick Weller
Photographer: Jesper Nielsen
Retoucher: Ashley Bird, Imagenation
Published: August 2007


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john doe
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nice campaign.

sumsum's picture
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oh yeah - i've learned from one of those f***** invisible hydrants but the insurance company didn't believe me!:)

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Leeds United
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Simple. Nice. Powerful.

miko1aj's picture
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maybe i don't get it well, but on the picture i see visible yet invisible hydrant. It really confusing, because in that case as a viewer i don't know if i'm suppose to see it or not.

sumsum's picture
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maybe you can consider the objects and the kid camouflaged in the "traffic-jungle"

Hermoso's picture
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I don't get it. help me to understand it please!

nice art direction anyway.

john doe's picture
john doe
1571 pencils

without that built-in reverse camera
things behind your car are not quite visibly.

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I love it!

And for the guys that don't understand:

When you back up with your car, you often can't see what's behind. (Such as a Kid, a hydrant, a mailbox, etc)

I think it's pretty straight-forward.

They show the things camouflaged, cause they couldn't just make them invisible, otherwise no one would understand anything.

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Nice campaign? Give me a break. So the SUV has a camera in the back, so what! This must be one of the worst ways of selling a car, ever. I have to admit, it's nicely executed but this is a weak concept.

john doe's picture
john doe
1571 pencils

maybe it's just as it is. maybe ford wanted to promote this particular feature. and accepting that - some people might think it's a good concept and a nice campaign.

sold's picture
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the concept and visual idea is good, but somehow (for me) the line is not clear enough to make people get the point fast and easy.

here on this web-site, people usually WANT to get the point, so, if ONE here did not get, maybe something is wrong and the real audience will not get...

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what parallel parker backs directly into a hydrant?

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