Ford: Stunt me

Most used cars have a story you don't want to hear. All of ours do: Full history, a minimum of 1 year warranty, a maximum of 40 000 km.

Advertising Agency: FP7, Dubai, UAE
Regional Creative Director: Marc Lineveldt
Copywriter: Vincent Fichard
Art Directors: Vincent Fichard, Joanna Chaker
Published: February 2008


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this one makes sense.

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i like the writing

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Interesting thought, but I can't help but think this was pinched by a famous Lebanese artists recently exhibited in the DIFC showing ordinary cars with their tragic history of car bombs and casualty toll.

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Now that's interesting to know!! Bombs and cars...

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These ads are great. The shaky handwriting and bad etching bring the stories to life, and really communicate the shady pasts of these cars.

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