Ford: Rear view

New edge with rear view camera.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Manuel Techera
Executive Creative Director: Enrique Codesido
Copywriters: Leonardo Varela, Jorge Ortega
Art Directors: Abraham Navarrete, Leonardo Varela
Producers: Silvia Gómez, Dolores Muro de Nadal
Photographer: Garrigosa Studio
CGI: Garrigosa Studio
Account Manager: Ademir Marquez

April, 2011


ValenG's picture
58 pencils

loov it

Zulu-1's picture
130 pencils

First thought... I think they should have done cooler sh*t - *Believe Dat*

CABAZORRO's picture
366 pencils

The dog is so BIG!!!

bakamono's picture
1002 pencils

And with that view angle you still can't see the dog...shitty ad

because therefore it is

AKesseli's picture
210 pencils

Good point. The new Edge kills smaller dogs. Everything smaller than a grandmother or an 8 year old too. Why don't they just give them big truck side mirrors? Save the cameras for Apple.

D_Mac's picture
6 pencils

Bakamono and Akesseli clearly u r using only your eyes and not your brains. I think this ad is brilliant, they used a common scenario to sell the reliability of this car. They are not saying this is what will happen but rather what can be avoided when you own a ford with a rear view camera.

bakamono's picture
1002 pencils

They sure did, use the effect. There is no brain behind this ad.

because therefore it is

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204 pencils

@bakamono and @akesseli: u cant assume if u can see the dog from here until u sit in the vehicle nd test it...the purpose of the ad is to communicate a message which it does effectively...although it isnt a brilliant ad it passes d message clearly...

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la pasiva
14 pencils

esta buena

ambareesha's picture
253 pencils

uber. clever.

- @mbi

sang's picture
53 pencils

Love this campaign.

black or white

sang's picture
53 pencils

Love this campaign.

black or white

jessparker's picture
89 pencils

so 80's. Stop the photoshop's soldiers, please!!!

arke1's picture
237 pencils

Well what other ways would you fulfill the brief?

ancianelo's picture
8 pencils

¿Es una campaña especulativa? porque no la he visto publicada en ningun lado.
Is this an agency version or a rejected work? cause i haven't seen it published.

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12 pencils

weird bur works well !

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