Ford Mustang: Drum

Advertising Agency: Team Y&R Dubai, UAE
Creative Director / Art Director:: Ryan Reed
Copywriter: Chris Gotz
Illustrator: Armand Spinnoy
Photographer: Guy Neveling
Published: March 2008


elmo141's picture
32 pencils

eee nice and not so nice... I feel torn...

Gypsy123's picture
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Ahh ryan!

Got them done eventually. I dig these.

KJP's picture
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Hey well done Ryan. Big Kiss from back home. Kelly and Mike.

Rabubi's picture
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Very nice. I'm not sure about the location though. It makes me think of a high school band - not the kind of people who'll be driving a Mustang GT 500. but otherwise a nice concept.

All ears's picture
All ears
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Out of all the things you could have done for a mustang ad???

TrainRunner's picture
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wouldn't you not have to press the pedal that hard to go really fast? if the gt500 is such a fast car?

mmackinven's picture
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'Hey, where's the power? C'mon!!! *foot goes through the floor*'

Nope doesn't work.

Rog's picture
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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

adsthinker's picture
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the idea is brilliant. but u dont hv to accelerate the pedal so hard to pick up. doesnt work with GT500.

hartspueler's picture
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nice visual. but as a drummer, i have to say, that physically just not possible :)

hedúnadan's picture
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didn´t anyone realize that is a left handed drum kit? it means that you hit the bass drum with your left foot, and the hi-hat with your right... so, i think mustang´s clutch is very tough hehe

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nyaha! This one I like. Talk about Peddling to the Metal

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