Ford: Moose vs Horses

Rein in your horsepower this winter! Change to new winter tires.

Advertising Agency: Dedicate, Gothenburg, Sweden
Creative Director: Klas ekstrand
Art Directors: Valentino Ristevski, Marc Zacharoff
Copywriter: Torbjörn Zacharoff
Retouch: Black Friday
Photographer: Per Mattisson
Published: October 2011


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nice art, but not really feeling the ad.

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I think the ad is over-occupied with the copy 'rein in' and 'horse power' at the expense of effectively selling the product.

I'd scrap this idea.

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Han A_Dedicate
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The moose is the bogeyman of the winter roads in rural Scandinavia, half a ton of angry meat that might suddenly turn up in your headlights at any time once you're off the highways. We get between 1000 and 1500 moose collisons in Sweden each year, hundreds of them with fatalities. This tends to preoccupy you as a driver in winter, which gives the ad some extra resonance with its target group.

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