Ford: Mirrors, 2

Ford Focus Coupé Cabriolet

Advertising Agency: Bassat Ogilvy, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Ángel de la Jara, Rafael Hernández
Art Director: Ángel de la Jara
Photographer: Alejandro Iglesia

April, 2011


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This has nothing to do with selling your old furniture to pay for the car or throwing furniture away....

This is just another take, albeit convoluted and asinine, on the old "sky" concept that we often see with cabriolets.

So the idea is that with Ford Focus coupe, you get a gorgeous view of the sky.. The old furniture is to denote all the street trash that surrounds us (or at least the people in Spain). This is what another user on here said and he was right.

The campaign is crap and so is this idea about the sky, which would do nothing to sell a car.

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Now, you will need more space in your garage.

Isn't it?

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anyone explain to me?

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Couldn't get either...

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If they're trying to say something with the mirror reflecting the big sky to represent the convertible aspect it's lost amongst the rest of the junk

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This one says something in the back too, but i cant read it (sorry my english)

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advertising ninja
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fully enigmatic art direction

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Damn, I really hope the spanish consumers are more intelligent than me, 'cause I sure as hell don't understand what the hell this is about.
I suppose Bob.C is right, and that the mirror is the key to the message, but... I'm still left thinking WTF?

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dean viii
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The car for people who just got evicted.

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And the best interpretation of this Ad goes to... "Dean"! I lol'ed for real.

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After you sit in focus, drive it and enjoy its stylish interior all other forms of furniture will never satisfy you again.

No I am not spanish

because therefore it is

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You could be right, but then why show such poor quality furniture? Please someone from Bassat Ogilvy tell us what it all means :-)

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wow. for once i think i get something most folks dot get. (if i get it that's it
i think the interior of the car is so cool, u'd throw away your furniture and rather live in the car. That's why its just chairs, drawers and mirrors. car got those things.

but if most people dnt get it, then it aint good enough.

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Wow.... I think, thats worth an explanation. I'll go with you.
A copy denoting what you said would have helped make it a superb ad. Now its nothing.


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Is this ad implying that Focus Coupe Cabrio has a much better interior than any other Ford car??
Or perhaps that the interior is the main benefit of the Coupe which should make me consider it?

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Now, you will need more space in your garage.

Isn't it?

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Maybe the car is destinate for woman, wife bought it, Her husband was so angry because its so expensive so he put out his wife :D .... really hard to understand this ad

You can do it !

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so fast. obvious

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what are you insuniating? that ford causes couples ot fight?

ad loving mad creative. find me on desicreative.

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I don't get it, too. And the picture is a kind of boring.

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May be in a boring world, the only piece of peace you can find is the sky ? (On the miror)...

Anyway i don't understand anything...

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