Ford: Locksmith

Advertising Agency: JWT Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Angus Hennah
Art Director: Rod Prosser
Photographer: Chris Lewis
Retoucher: Geoff Francis
Copywriter: Craig Love


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Great campaign.

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why 3 visuals?

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Because different executions were run in different trade magazines for different trade groups: plumbers, locksmiths etc.

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Great concept, but I agree with jorj. Sure, it may be going for 3 different trade groups, but in the end it's the three same ads. A whole shop in a van. This is best as a one-shot ad and I wouldn't be surprised if only one is published if it makes it in an annual.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Great Ad

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Will win some awards.

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Finally, something I like today. Simple concept that sells.

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hold it there guys!! this is a good work but not that great

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probably one can blame the art


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Yes, this is nicely done.

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