Ford: Legs, 3

2009 Ford Focus

Advertising Agency: Zubi Advertising USA
VP. Creative Director: Andrés Ordoñez
Creative Director: Ivan Calle
Associate Creative Director: Mauricio Candela
Copywriter: Vicent Llopis
Art Director: Francisco Losada
Photographer: The Blur Office


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Quite funny... works

CABAZORRO's picture
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mmm nada sorprendente...

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i dont get... is it (car) supposed to be intimidating????? could somebody explain?????

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yeah. i'd drop my ice cream too. the focus is just hideous.

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And where would this be placed? A magazine for kids? Err since when have kids been a Focus target.


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might work for Porsche. Focus? People aren't stupid. Well okay there are the Ford executives.

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Is this an old campaign?

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I think this is better than the "sucker" ad, but the depending on the actual format, the car might still seem to small


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So we go for an unbelievable reaction with a cliche'd pov since what almost feels like the dawn of the movie posters.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Wasted ice cream. What a shame..

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oh yes, that car sure is a head-turner!

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this is WAY too contrived. no one would ever, ever, ever drop their ice cream for this car. An Aston Martin DB 6, I would drop my pants.

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Tommy G.
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yeah right, but what if this kid sees a lamborghini or a ferrari...heart attack? or just s**t his pants?

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