Ford: Legs, 1

2009 Ford Focus

Advertising Agency: Zubi Advertising USA
VP. Creative Director: Andrés Ordoñez
Creative Director: Ivan Calle
Associate Creative Director: Mauricio Candela
Copywriter: Vicent Llopis
Art Director: Francisco Losada
Photographer: The Blur Office

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Awesome 1+2+3 + .... infinity

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Awesome in one word

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Nice campaign for Aston Martin, Porsche or other supercars. Not for Ford Focus!

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I agree

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Focus pretends to be a supercar. They are launching campaigns that show people that are shocked by beauty of Ford. This one perfectly match with them..


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I understand the concept, thank you, but take a closer look at that car. Not at all stunning, breathtaking or whatever. That's what's bothering me, pretending this average car looks like a supercar. It doesn't. Period.

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I agree.. cz they need it since this campaign is so strong... Attractive art direction
otherwise super cars like ferrari, aston... no need for this kind of campaigns.

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If focus do this first, aston martin or porsche cant... right? So the concept is for focus.

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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but that doesn't make an aston martin or porsche of a ford focus. and btw. this is just a different execution of the old "beautiful car" message, so the concept isn't new at all

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Stronger than the other 2...


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I think this is an old campaign, when Focus was new

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Ford not exceeded. Drowned.

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This is "SO DONE" many times......

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I like this campaign and the art direction. Love the simplicity.

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I like this one better..

makes me want ot buy a new focus..

but then again there's the new evo..


anyway.. a better one than those ones with the dude..

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Hmmm. There is an idea here...
But the visual solution is done.

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is this an ad for "women who drop their make up?"

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lol :)

better than other two


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Is the Focus sold in the States different to the one sold in the rest of the world? Cos this car is freakin hideous compared to the hatchback I am used to, and therefore do not think this campaign is appropriate at all.

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So she drops her lipstick and mirror after seeing this mediocre car. Was she stunned by how shitty it looks? Or by the fact that Ford is still in business?

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Tommy G.
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Too much stereotyped.
Any book, magazine or even MP3 player would have been better.

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Bad illustration.

So old.

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same concept that VW did some years ago "a down cup of coffee", diferent execution
nothing new

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