Ford: Key skyline

The city is in your hands.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Elisa Pazi
Art Director: Sara Ghidoni
Copywriter: Vittorio Zotti
Illustrator / Photographer: Stefano Bottesi

May 2008


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nice gaijin
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gag me with stale concepts.

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Jeep did this but with mountains.

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Done in the 80's, go to public library and find it =p

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yeah, this is tragic. the key is even crooked.

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Guest commenter

Done fifty years ago. E detto da un italiano è molto triste.

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i have something similar in my book also

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Guest commenter

Welcome in the third world of advertising !

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Guest commenter

Learn proper English before you post smart-alec sort of comment.

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i've seen this done many times before.

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Neil Levy
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gary topeleski is the creative who did this very well on jeep in the early 90's. won a ton of awards for it. i suspect if he saw it, he wouldn't knock the creatives for doing it. they're probably young and never saw it. he might however take issue with the creative director who approved it. he or she should know their history a little better.

it's possible the thing was a total lift. but maybe not. because human beings think in patterns so often times you come up with an idea and it's already in the ether of the collective conscience. that's why sites like this are good. because you can see a lot of work and take not of it. not to copy it. but to know what has been done. as more and more agencies around the world pop up, this becomes very important. sure. it's only advertising. but if for example we made cars for a living and made the same car as another car company it would be kind of embarrassing.

sorry to write so much but i think this is important to discuss.

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Guest commenter

it's nice to see some inteligent (and non arrogant) comment on this site.

I totally agree with the car example, however, I don't see any arm , at leat from the public point of view, in "refreshing" or re-utilizing old concepts. I have never seen the ads for Jeep , but in my humble opinion, if this is not just a pale copy, It has the merits of using a efficient concept per si . I don't believe in inventions, only transformations and changing patterns.

Thank you for your science ad your comment .

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you know what's more boring than advertising? the theory of advertising.

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1)Advertising is not boring (at least for me)
2)This is not theory.
3)Besides being creative, you should have to know theory to make ads.
(So that not any monkey could advertise. It would be more professional)
4)The ad is ok.

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i totally agree with you.
nice comment! thanks for your contribution.

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i agree we should all know our business, but, like you say, we can't always know everything. It happened to me recently. I had an idea, wondered is it done, posted it in exhibition here, googled, asked around... No one ever said it was done. Client loved it, published (in a local magazine yep...), i send it to ivan, he publishes and suddenly a link appears with the same idea. made in india, even won an award there.

so let's think twice before we scream copycat and stuff...

(though in this case, this is a damn famous ad and it should've been skipped)


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Guest commenter

Mi dispiace dirlo anche a me. ma si dovrebbe studiare prima di usare visual gia' usati. comunque, quell'idea e' la prima che vi e' venuta in mente?

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Guest commenter

lo mismo de land rover..

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Done, done, done, please do new things

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Guest commenter

ivan. do you post these rehashes just so they can get trashed or do you not recognize a done idea when you see it? this is embarrassing.

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Guest commenter

thn don't come to the site... nobody invited u to post ur stupid -ve comments...

agreed it been done b4... but whats with the critisicm for the moderator... no 1 person can know all the ads ever done ... in case u din realise thr r some 300 countries in the world & a million agencies

do u know how the site works? ppl send stuff & they gt put up.. its got nothing to do with been done or not...

chill dude... thr is more to life then being a walking encyclopedia of every ad ever done...
at the end of the day its jut an ad.. for gods sake ur not saving lives here!!

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Guest commenter

exactly!! y blame ivan for everything... its a gr8 thing he posts stuff we can all see.. ppl here r too arrogant & just rude

ivan's picture

Thanks for the support. I'm trying to be selective. Sometimes I may miss the mark both ways.

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¿Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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Guest commenter

Jeep did this and it was much better.

Ford, atleast they circled the problem

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How old concept it is!

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Guest commenter

too old~~~~~~~~~

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Start up a mountain, it ain't. And what exactly does "The First Urban Activity Vehicle" mean? Like your Model T?

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ace trump

italians woke up late.

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Guest commenter


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Already done and with better copy.

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C´est chaud...

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Please don't post these kind of ads. You know very well they are copies...

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dai ragà, non è possibile, non le postate queste cose.
lo sapete benissimo che è già stata fatta milioni di volte questa creatività.
poi ci lamentiamo di come ci considerano all'estero.
a volte può succedere di pensare idee simili... ma quando sono proprio uguali dai, evitate almeno di metterle qui.
è una marchetta per il cliente e niente più, per giunta orrenda (forse negli anni '80 era una bella idea, ma ne è passata d'acqua sotto li ponti).
ve lo volete sentir dire anche in cinese?
cazzo un po' di amor proprio...

sorry guys, that's the kind of ads ruining italians reputation.

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Non avevo mica visto che era della Ogilvy di Roma... Mamma mia, mi era giunta voce che la Ogilvy fosse in cattive acque ma non pensavo così cattive.

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i really don't know how, but this embarrassing ad (embarassing even for me, an italian) few weeks ago won an award in Italy at the 5th Press & Outdoor Key Award organised by Media Key.

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Well off course it wins. a KEY award! brilliant!

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Bored slut

The worst thing about this is when your local Ford client asks you to adapt it. And even ask you to do one with mountains. It's sad to see how unprepared are the clients nowadays. And the account service is also helping a lot, the most common comment is: We can’t do anything, that’s what they want.
We should all agree that advertising is dead. Let’s start something new from the scratch.

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I'm Italian and I agree fully with all the criticisms made. After, we complain when tell us they in Italy we copy ... (eccheccazzo!!!)

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Rajesh Joseph

please don't copy some new.

Rajesh Joseph's picture
Rajesh Joseph

please don't copy some new.

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Quite pour!!!! it has been done before. It's old-fahion...

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buuuuuuuuu, otra, otra y otra vez lo mismo?

Fakoly's picture
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De cuando yo tenía 16 años...
¡Me parece increíble que Ogilvy haga este tipo de publicidad!

Muy, muy deficiente.

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Old old old old idea. Fail.

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Guest commenter

Me encanta la polémica pero es simple... YA LO HICIERON!!! Pensamiento colectivo?, casualidad...? no lo sabremos nunca...

¿Quién inventó el agua tibia?

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Neil Levy
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hola senor, me espanol es terible, (y lo siento, pero no conozco donde esta los accentes son en me computadora) pero, permita me un momento:

creo que pensamiento colectivo es una cosa muy importante, y es muy, muy real. muchas tiempas en el ano pasado veo las trabajas de las agencias del mundo y veo el mismo advertismentos. porque?

ya recuerde en el one show cuando dos agencias ganar lapizes para el mismo trabajo! (el MOMA museo de los angeles y un en London con).

gracias para su tiempo. estudio espanol en me collegia pero fue trece anos en la pasada.

hasta lluego,


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Agree with you, but its difficult not to get angry with ideas that you know they are really done... but its just part of the ad world.

By the way, there are some things to fix in your spanish, but you´ re doing fine. Its good to see that someone at least try to speak this lenguage.

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Not a big fan of this ad either, its been done before, it'll be done again, whatever...

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Done! Done! Done!

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Done Done!

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This was great when Robin Williams stsrted doing stand-up

Strip. Strip. Strip.

mix's picture
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passi il visual terribilmente anni '80... passi il cliente triste... Ma voi? Se uploadate si intende che andate fieri della campagna e detto francamente non ce nulla da essere fieri...
Uno studente di Accademia di comunicazione al primo farebbe di meglio. Povero David si rivolterà nella tomba.

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Pun-tastic concept

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Beh effettivamente e' veramente triste... da un'agenzia come la ogilvy ci aspettiamo qualcosa di piu', e poi raga lavorare per un cliente come Ford penso non sia diffcile come prodotto,
sarebbe bene cercare di fare qualcosina di piu' non tanto l'art direction(visto che su adsoftheworld si giudica l'art direction photoshoppistico piuttosto che il concept) ma neanche questo devo dire e' buono anzi...piuttosto scadente

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