Ford: Invisible, 1

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow
Executive Creative Director: Curtis Melville
Art Directors: Vic Quattrin, Todd Ruthven
Copywriters: Dan Weber, Joel Wescott
Photographer: Jeff Ludes
Artist: Liu Bolin

November 2012


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So they upped the budget by 1000% just so they could shoot it this way rather than add the other cars in post. It's cool how they did it, but until I clicked the link I thought it was just photoshopped. Don't think it was worth the extra $$$.

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Nike Diesel
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The video looks cool.

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First, if it's so hard to find then why is the Ford the most easy to see car? And then it contradicts itself by saying it's easy to find.

Secondly does anybody here think a person looking at this ad is going to give a fuck about whether it's painted or added in post? This is what I don't agree with in advertising.

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Can't believe they went to all that effort, I thought it was CGI from the get-go.
Oh well it is Ford, they have the customers to pay for this :)

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Why is MPG spelled with capitals in one ad and lowercase in this one?

Copy feels as awkard as its layout and the insight is just confusing...

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To me they did way to many ads for this series. I mean two would suffice.

I do agree with MATTNDAN on why the Ford the most easy to see car. I don't reallly see if being a "revolutionary" looking car enough to make it look completely different than that of its competitors.

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