Ford Germany: Do knot forget

Do knot forget: Bluetooth® comes with every new Ford model.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brand Center, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Bernd Grellmann
Art Director: Lars Ecker
Copywriter: Miriam Ravagni
Photographer: Lars Ecker
Client Service Director: Sven A. Crone
Published: January 2010


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Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftime better than master of one.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Hehe smart ;p bravo

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oh man this is genius!

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not really.

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Great idea.

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10/10, funny, great, engaging (you may watch this for long minutes..) - congrats! :)


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Since when are bad puns good advertising? Or is it suddenly the 1980s again?

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i don't get it. what's ford have to do with knots?

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Marlus Lau
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It's not about Ford, but the bluetooth.

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Marlus Lau
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Awesome ad! Not new, that's right, but still good.

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agree with artmanintoronto puns are just not a good idea. This is a little cringe worthy.

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Let me explain why I disagree. While bad puns make us creatives cringe with the sanguine taste of a being done a million times... They ABSOLUTELY connect with the general market. It creates a mental anchor-point and a connection the average person can latch onto to imbed your clients' brand into the conscious mind. Advertising lest we forget is, in the end, RESULTS driven. I spend all day with creative egos dying to make the coolest most original "addy-worthy" piece only to find it zing right over the heads of their intended markets. Sometimes what the masses respond to and what makes the "holy council" ooooh and aahhh at the award banquets is seldom the same. I know PLENTY of agencies that have lost brand momentum even after winning spreads of awards not long before. just something to noodle over.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

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To give such a smart idea the benefit of doubt...perhaps the 'do knot forget' bit was the client's contribution?

I think; therefore I am

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Its smart, impressive

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chris myles
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totally awesome.

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Love how they display knots and make you think of in negatively
Yep, its genius

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wonderful......ha ha ha

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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I applaud to the idea and art direction, but the pun (the lowest form of humor) denominates it for me. I mean, the ad is so great that it hurts to see such a violator.

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I'm not quite decided on which is more embarrassing; the horrible pun in the copy or the fact that the advert's already been done...

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Abhilasha Thackur
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but which one of panasonic???

Abhilasha Thackur

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(but would have loved it more if it was apple launching a proper bluetooth headset...)

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Would have been better if it focused more on the outdoor and 4x4 truck range...

Kind of makes more sense...

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Nicolae Chiris
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Well done. :)

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Bluetooth is about wireless... so I don't get the wires or the knots. Somebody fill me in.

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I would have given this more stars if it weren't for the horrible pun in the copy.

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headoffice Comm...
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innovation discovered

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This is not done, this is well done. Great work for a car brand.

Simple ideas are the best !

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very nice idea and it is understandable which is in my opinion gonna reach alot of peaple :)
great job

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Truly solid execution. Simple. Smart. Direct. And it's for Ford, so you get like a million props. If only Ford domestic was doing print worthy of comment.

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Truly solid execution. Simple. Smart. Direct. And it's for Ford, so you get like a million props. If only Ford domestic was doing print worthy of comment.


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wow a gold idea. done better before. boooring

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The granny knot and the square knot are the same, and it's actually a reef knot.
Good idea, get the point... Awful pun (sounds like Fords contribution).

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The granny knot and the square knot are the same, and it's actually a reef knot.

Actually, no, they're not. Look at the standing part and the working end on each side - in the reef (or square) knot they emerge parallel and together; in the granny they are separated by the loop from the other part. That is the vital difference.


The so-called sheet bend (single) IS actually a reef knot with a misplaced working end - it should tuck only under its own standing part as in the multiple sheet bend below, which is finished correctly.

And the so-called square knot or reef is actually a thief knot, since the working ends emerge on opposite sides: the trans- rather than cis- isomer of the same knot structure, for the chemists among you!

AND the surgeon's knot is inverted - the double overhand should be tied first; the single locking it in place. As shown, it will slip, even used as a binding knot.

Same goes for the tiller's hitch (surely just a slipped sheet bend?) - imagine pulling on the standing parts: you'll slip the bight and spill the whole darn thing! Should have the jack end of the wire leading to the loop.

Also, any knot tyer should know in any case that a reef is NEVER used as a bend as shown (to tie two ends unsupported), but only as a binding knot (around a package), and to tie it in two dissimilar materials (or as shown with this thief knot, granny and surgeon's knot) is just plain wrong.


"A knot is never "nearly right"; it is either exactly right or hopelessly wrong, one or the other; there is nothing in between."

The Ashley Book of Knots, p.18

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bona execució, però aquesta idea no és nova.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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I liked it, for the tangles one encounters while driving car. But after seeing the Panasonic ad, i'm speechless! Exact replica!

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Awsome!!! but somehow shows ''mac'' as the complicated

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Leo Paul James
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the art direction isn't up to the mark...that white patch...doesn't look nice.....and the execution could have been better....but a really really good idea.!!

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Great !

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Wonderful insight ;-) I like it a lot

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sarcasm at its best...

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Does it man without ford we will struggle with untying earphone cables?

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awesome...wht more to say.... ;-)

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Absolutely genius.

Shiply on

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