Ford Fortal: Twitter

Be conscious. Disconnect.

Advertising Agency: M&J, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Ray Romano
Art Director: Bill Queiroga
Copywriter: Jones Sampaio
Illustrator: Bill Queiroga
Published: August 2011


P26's picture
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good concept.. but my concern is whether these ads are supposed to promote their fan page/tweet them (for Ford fans) OR blame those social networks for traffic accidents?

macluvin's picture
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it's pretty clear that they don't mention anything about following their social links.

I like this series. Quick, expected, on point.

chamindarathnayake's picture
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Max... super all 3

Chaminda Rathnayake

Andrej's picture
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Am I the only one that noticed the terrible English in the copy? The idea and the art are great though.

CrackerJackWorks's picture
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I'm guessing it's better than our Portuguese ;)

CrackerJackWorks's picture
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Solid campaign...going up on my distracted driving page...

thedavesiknow's picture
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My first impression; Facebook and Twitter would never give permission to use their logos in this negative context. Ergo - ads are fake.

XQuantum's picture
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Great ads but I think this one should have the symbol filled with black instead... It's still easy to drive that way =P

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