Ford: Flies

meeting, email, queue.
report, horn, insomnia, pollution, tie, rates, traffic
Don't let your week spend the weekend with you. Ford Troller T4.

Advertising Agency: JWT São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fabio Brandão, Rinaldo Ferrarezi, Mario Dandrea
Art Director: Silvio Medeiros
Copywriter: Leandro Pinheiro
Illustrators: Silvio Medeiros, Open The Door
Photographer: Régis Fernandez

August 2010


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Love it!

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Uhm. Ok, let's try to give a rational sense... I work hard all week long; saturday morning I leave the city and I reach wild places, where I also find strange insects that represent common problems. But did they reach me from my office or did I find them in the country? Maybe is ME that made them?? From WHERE did I made them? Uhm.

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You surely would only find them in the country, dude. Giant insects with the shape of problems don't live in the city, the air is way too dirt there and these kind of insect is very sensitive. They reproduce mostly near lakes and rivers, I saw it on Nat Geo. Hope that helps you make sense of the ad.

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I got it! thanx, now I know: I'll buy a city-car to avoid them.
: )

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Ugly car, ugly art, ugly ad.

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Ugly copy, ugly retouching, ugly photography.

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very clever solution for a old briefing. make me smile.

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well done!

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¿Es un boceto?

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This ad strikes a cord. Great copy indeed.

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