Ford: Family

Your Ford now with the new Dual Clutch Gearbox PowerShift
Feel the difference

Advertising Agency: Bassat Ogilvy Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Pedro Úrbez
Art Director: Javier Senovilla
Copywriter: Juan Pedro Moreno
Photographer: Bank of images
Published: April 2010


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thats a bit creepy!!!

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Yah. Swingers?

dangerdude's picture
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horribly photoshopped. doesn't make much sense. hmm. (i mean, the clutch is the left foot's job, what's with two right ones?)

fabiomarquesf's picture
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If you don't have the clutch you'll only use the right foot.

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Gearbox's picture
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Talk about your rubber-stamp campaign. It's not only the idea, it's the photoshop technique as well. I'm really not seeing how the execution generates interest in the product. The connection is tenuous at best, and it doesn't really look like a benefit. Plus, there are about a hundred other ads that could be summed up with "Extensive use of this product will cause your body to change in unexpected ways." Video games, giant thumbs. Scuba gear, gills on neck. Underwater camera, webbed fingers. And so on and so on and so on.

capywriter's picture
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so we have a print with a woman, a man and one with both man and woman... so that makes a campaign :s

Boris's picture
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This idea would work better for a dance academy.

KubaLibre's picture
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Done before, but it would be great for running in small circles

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