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January 2011

Print advertisment created by Zubi, United States for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds
Mustang GT 500

Advertising Agency: Zubi Advertising, Miami, USA
Executive Creative Director: Andres Ordoñez
Creative Director: Ivan Calle
Art Director: Francisco Losada
Copywriter: Jonathan Jauregui
Photographer: Mauricio Candela
Production company: The Blur Office

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morse's picture
Activity Score 18006

Very nice idea. Beautiful photos.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Meh, it's oke for AdsoftheWorld but will potentional customers get it? Or even like it? I doubt it..

ivan's picture

Many campaigns featured on AotW are too intellectual and self referential for the average Joe, but this specifically isn't that hard to get and it communicates a very simple message. I will try and test it on my friends and family to see. :)

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

I agree with Ivan. It took me 0.6 seconds to get the idea.

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Activity Score 620

Wow nice concept it took me 40 secs to get the concept :)

Billoughsby's picture
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I submit that, in general, the audience is more sophisticated than we in advertising are willing to admit, and that saying a rejected concept that failed to make it past focus groups was "over their heads" is just one of the mechanisms by which people in advertising protect their egos and feelings.

I like this series, I get it, and I am going to assume 99% of the people who find it in a magazine or newspaper will too. :)

That's it.

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Carlos Garcia
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Activity Score 1266

Great concept. This is the first time I've seen 0-60 used like this, clever and nostalgic like hell. A bit too heavy on the photoshop, though.

My_friend_Goo's picture
Activity Score 292

Lovely ads, for both aoftw and the rest of the world

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

wow... like it.. very nice

picopalqlea's picture
Activity Score 999

well can any of you geniuses can explain the ad? to early and i cant get it.

jujuvergne's picture
Activity Score 5

Et ce que quelqu'un a compris quelque chose?

LeeHarvey's picture
Activity Score 3045

Biensur, j'ai compris tout. Tres bien! Huit etoiles.

ElAndres's picture
Activity Score 50

Already done in Ecuador for a satellite tv service client.

Geimima's picture
Activity Score 824

understand it in 0.6 second... i think it only happen on adv people. but for the target audience it will works to. nice and simple. love it.

life is a playground

Sdb's picture
Activity Score 1362

Has been done before.. The dark sky was unnecessary. The leaves could have depicted the whole thing..

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Could someone please explain to me? I don't get it, really.

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Activity Score 1634

Nice idea, badly executed.